Welcome to Trinity!

The mission of the Trinity United Methodist Church is “God’s hands in education, missions, and community.”
Our address is 22 East Liberty Street, York, SC 29745.
Our phone number is (803) 684-4100.
Worship is at 9 am and 11 am Sunday mornings.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Trinity!

  1. I am interested in registering my 5 year old grandson in VBS….thank
    Barbara Cutlip
    Barbaracutlip@ gmail.com
    803 981 3970

  2. I’m writing to please ask your church to help my children. I’ve been hospitalized in piedmont medical center for severe asthma and lung failure.my husband lost job so he can be at Carolina’s medical center with his father whom had cancer tumors removed from lungs and second surgery to seal air leak in lungs . He’s now got nonsmall cell cancer throughout his airways and trachea. Coming home on hospice by Sunday.
    My request is I have 3 teenage sons and have 4 other kids ages 6 months to 19 living with us basically because of home issues. They called me and said they had a few can foods and some elbows and speg noodles. That’s it. I’m on disability for this blood clot disorder. My check wont be here till the 4th. Can your church bring any type of food to the kids while im in here .p.please. colony bread anything but pnut butter. One is allergic. Thank you so much
    Kids at 2265 templeton road. Clover .sc. (803 792 2040)

  3. I saw your sign today to register online for VBS but I’m not seeing the link. Please send me the info. My daughter is 4 years old. Thank you.

    • I am sorry that we missed your note!
      Our access to receive mail from the site was down. Our VBS was held last week and we pray you were able to contact us and attend!

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