Missions Team

The primary responsibility of the Missions Team is to involve the congregation in spreading the gospel through witness and service throughout the world.

  • Chairperson – Bud Jones
  • Pastor – Gene Feagin
  • E. T. Coordinator – Donnie Shuler
  • Epworth Representative – Pridmores
  • PATH Representative – Bill Huffstetler & Mary Jane Shuler
  • CROP Walk – Alice Smith
  • UMVIM/UMCOR – Bud Jones
  • Sudan-Suzanne Jones
  • Salkehatchie -Sandy Pursley
  • Adult Enrichment Center Christmas Party – Susan Jones
  • green Team-Melinda McKeown & Mary Jane Shuler
  • Back to School-
  • At Large Members Richard Kalb, Lanny Littlejohn, Grace Ulbricht, Terri Versen

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