Finance Team

The primary responsibility of the Finance Team is to propose, raise, manage and distribute the financial resources of the congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the Church.

  • Chairperson – Kevin Smiley
  • Pastor – Gene Feagin
  • Lay Member of Annual Conference – Bud Jones
  • Lay Leader – Eric Johnston & David Breakfield
  • Treasurer – Margaret Bailey
  • Financial Secretary – Jill England
  • Chair, Administrative Board – Dick Sweiagart
  • Chair, Trustees –
  • Chair, S-PRC -Wade Anderson
  • Chair, Stewardship -Matt & Christina Dover
  • Chair, Council on Ministries – Eric Johnston
  • At-Large Member – Brad Hanna
  • At-Large Member – Lee Alford
  • At-Large Member – Curtis Sigmon
  • At-Large Member-Lee Youngblood

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