Ministry Teams

Education Team:Diane Wine, chair;– Children’s Ministries; Melanie Myers–Youth Ministries; David Burroughs–Adult Ministries; Linda Goss, Higher Education and Campus Ministries; Staci Rampey and Leann Mellon–Family Ministries; Alice Smith–Program Director; Johnny MCCoy–Sunday School Superintendent; David Breakfield–Recreation Team;John & Margaret Bailey–Older Adults

Evangelism Hospitality and Communications Team: Eric Johnston , Chair; Staci Rampey, Dawn McGarity, Denise Mitchell, Susan Jones, Jennifer Zohner, Terri Keller, Jean Littlejohn

Missions Team:

Bud Jones, Chair; Donnie and Mary Jane Shuler, Jimmie and Helen Pridmore, Bill Huffstetler; Alice Smith, Bud Jones, Suzanne Jones, Sandy Pursley, Bill Fischer, Richard Kalb, Lanny Littlejohn, Terri Versen, Grace Ulbricht

Worship Team: Liz Brown, Chair; Gene Feagin,TJ Williams, David Breakfield and Erich JOhnston; Johnny Mccoy, Anna Feagin, David Richardson, Sandy Pursley, Amy McSwain, Altar Guild: Judy Hanners Chair, Liz Brown, Judy Hanners, Libby Brown, Lisa Roberts, Ellen Jones,  April Smith, Harriet Wilkin, Kim Alexander, Marie Ventry
Wedding Team:  Liz Brown, Kim Ramsey, Judy Hannders, Pat Childers, Debbie Black

Long Range Planning Team: Dick Sweigart,Brad Hanna, Matt Dover, Marsha Smiley, Anne Hipp, Leah Youngblood, Richard Kalb, Lee Keller, Chris Jones

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