Administrative Council

Administrative Board
The Primary responsibility of the Administrative Council is to oversee the ministry and the administration of the congregation and todevelop, coordinate, and implement programs and ministries of the congregation.


The Administrative Council sets church direction and objectives, initiates and authorizes plans, and determines policies to ensure that the church is able to carry out its primary task effectively.

Administrative Board Members

  • Chairperson – Dick Sweigart
  • Vice Chairperson – David Breakfield
  • Recording Secretary –
  • Church Treasurer  – Bill Fischer
  • Pastor – Bob Dunn
  • Program Director – Alice Smith
  • Music Director -TJ Williams
  • Lay Leaders – Ernie Wright and Eric Johnston
  • Lay Members of Annual Conference – Bud & Suzanne Jones
  • Chair, Trustees – John Bailey
  • Chair, S-PRC -Tom Faulkenberry
  • Chair, Finance – Kevin Smiley
  • Chair, Stewardship -Evelyn Johnsey
  • Chair, Worship – Liz Brown
  • Chair, Missions – Bud Jones
  • Chair, Education -Diane Wine
  • Chair, Evangelism – Eric Johnston
  • Sec, Nominations & Personnel –
  • Church Historian -Mary Jane Shuler
  • President, UMW – Kim Jones
  • President, UMM -Eric Johnston
  • Youth Representative -Aubrey Wood
  • Youth Representative – Rush Johnston
  • Young Adult Representative – Marie Ventry
  • Young Adult Representative – Leann Mellon
  • Older Adult Representative – Helen Yarborough
  • Older Adult Representative – Pim Van Everdingen

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